The Demon-Slayer

Angel: “Do you think you can handle this, Rb? I mean you can be a little cold and-”

Rb: “I’ve got this, Angel.”

Angel: “Yes, well… remember Randy just had his heart broken and… even I couldn’t make him feel better.”

Rb: “Maybe because you are one source of his heartache?”

Angel: “True, but I never meant for this to happen.”

Rb: “Of course not. That was the other source: Demon having his sick fun. He’s not the only one who can have fun though… I remember you told me that you used to be a demon-slayer.”

Angel: “To be more correct, I hunted down demons and eliminated their power. I didn’t kill the actual demon.”

Rb: “Do you still do it?”

Angel: “No, but I keep the gear on hand just in case I am called into duty.”

Rb: “Really? Show me!!”

Angel: “Very well, but just so you know, I won’t attack Demon unless I have been given instructions by my superiors to do so.” She says then transforms into glowing armour, holdong dual swords.

Rb: “Nice! Hold that pose. DEMON! Come here!!”

Angel: “You’re not…”

Demon: “What the hell do you-” Steps into the room, “Holy shit!” and disappears.


Angel: transforming back, “You’re very sneaky.”

Rb: “Hahahahaha! That was great! Oh, I wish I’d taken a picture. HAHA! Did you see the look on his face when he thought you were in demon-slayer mode? Brilliant!”

Angel: “Well… it was a little fun. I bet we won’t see him for a couple of days.”

Rb: “At least. Now to speak with Randy.”


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