Words Count

Rb: “The word count in my book exceeds my 150,000 word limit by… oh… 50,000 words.”

Demon: “Holy Hell, who writes that much?!”

Randy: “Isn’t Holy Hell an oxymoron?”

Angel: “Yes.”

Demon: “Bite me.”

Randy: “I hate germs. And fleas. Biting you would just invite both.”

Demon: “What the f-”

Angel: “Focus! Both of you!”

Randy: “Yeah, goat, focus.”

Demon: “That’s the second time you’ve called me a damn goat. Check your damn eyes. Do I look like a goat?

Rb: “Ya’ll go ahead and fight. I’ve got a book to condense. Scenes to edit. Words to eliminate and-”

Angel: “Why not just keep it as is?”

Rb: “I’ve thought about it, but first I want to make sure all of it is necessary before I decide that. There may be parts I can actually cut out because it’s pointless or too wordy. If all of it is relevant, then I’ll keep it as is. Just another revision process.”

Demon: “Randy Bitch, if you think you got what it takes, bring it on!”

Randy: “I do. At least, in a short story.” Says while holding up Sweeter than Sadness.

Angel: “Uh, oh.”

Demon: “What… WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!”

Rb: “Crap. Maybe I should have told him not to share that short story.”


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