Character Defamation, Probably?

Demon: “I can’t believe you have me looking like a damn goat!”

Rb: “It’s fiction, Demon. I wrote it to make Randy feel better.”

Demon: “Bullshit! That’s defamation of character.”

Randy: “Wow! Goat knew that? Even used it in the right context and everything.”

Angel: “I’m shocked, too! Demon has an intellectual side.”

Demon: “Shut the hell up! Stop calling me goat. See! This is your doing, RB! You’ve got that idiot Randy thinking I’m a goat. Look at me, I’m too beautiful to be some lame farm animal. I ought to sue!!”

Rb: “Then sue me. First, however, realize you have no claim because it’s fiction, your exact likeness is not portrayed, nor is your name. The demon in the story isn’t “you” but a general demon. You can’t blame me for Randy’s own imagination.”

Demon: “But you just said that… Wait…” glances back over the story Sweeter than Sadness.

Angel: “I believe the wheels are turning.”

Demon: “Shut it!”

Randy: “In other words, Rb never said it was you. You just assumed. And you know what they say about assumptions, Ass.”

Demon: “Bite me you son of a-”

Rb: “So I guess all your fancy talk doesn’t mean much if you can’t back it.”

Demon: “I was setup! I shall have my revenge!”

Rb: “Yes, yes. After I finish my book. Back to writing.”

Demon: “Don’t ignore me, dammit!”


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