Angel and Demon vs. Randomness 1

Randy: “Laura mentally swept the motel room, but she gained no insight into what had caused the dead man in the corner of the room to claw out his own eyes and throat.”

Angel: “Oh, dear.”

Demon: “YES!! More. Read MORE!”

Randy: “She had never seen anything like it. Nothing about this made sense.”

Angel: “Please stop reading that part. Read another part or another book entirely.”

Demon: “But RB wrote this and would be soooo disappointed if she heard you talking about her book like that.”

Angel: “Yes… I know… but it’s a violent book. And the language-”

Demon: “Is mild compared to how I would have written it.”

Randy: “The dead man was a keeper of records for River, the House of spirituality. He was one of the younger ones that could see into the past, like herself. Historians, as they were called.”

Demon: “Randy, just skip down to the part where Laura looks into the past and sees-“

Angel: “No, I don’t like that part.”

Randy: “Oooo! OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Demon & Angel: “What?!”

Randy: “I know what your next writing prompt is! I want you two to write about the seer that was killed in this scene. RB never mentions anything more about him, so you’re going to add a face and name to who this seer truly is. Both of you!”

Angel: “You want us to cooperate and-“

Demon: “HEEEELL NO!”

Randy: “You can do it!! Come on team!!

Demon: “Hell-“

Angel: “No.”


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