Angel and Demon vs. Randomness 2

Randy: “Why not? It’s a great idea! You two writing a story togeth-”

Demon: “You want me to work with Angel!”

Angel: “You want us to work together. It barely worked last time.”

Randy: “I think you two did great!”

Angel: “No-”

Demon: “-the hell we didn’t!”

Randy: “Come on, think about it. RB would love to hear your take on Oracle’s Legacy.”

Angel: “That’s another thing. Oracle’s Legacy is RB’s work. I’d feel like I’m encroaching on her world by writing something based on it.”

Randy: “Hello! Have you never heard of fan fiction? Fans encroach on authors’ worlds all the time!!”

Demon: “Ain’t that the truth. I love the erotic knock-offs.”

Angel: “Of course you would.”

Randy: “So you’ll do it? You’ll write a short story based on that scene from Children of Sun?”

Angel: “Well…”

Demon: “Don’t give in, Angel. Don’t do it!”


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