Random Information: Quotation Violation

Randy: “Hi! Random Ness here, your friendly neighborhood source of random bits of information. While RB is writing her book and Angel and Demon are fighting over their story-“

Angel: “NO! Absolutely not!!”

Demon: “Dammit, just a little torture. Not even a whole scene!”

Angel: “No!”

Randy: “I’m going to offer you, the reading audience whom I love, with some facts you might find interesting. Did you know that a quotation — not the mark — are words extracted from a speech, book, movies, among other sources? Quotations, or quotes for short, are often used by researchers, writers, and/or students in their work, papers, and documents to add legitimacy to their findings, or to support an argument.
WOW, that was a mouthful!!
Remember this: A quote used in any form whether fiction or non-fiction, should always give credit to the original author/speaker of said quote. To not do so is a no-no. You not only disrespect the quote’s originator, but yourself. I cry just thinking about it *sniff*. You will be known as a *gasp* plagiarizer! Or a word-thief as I like to call it. Violating copyright laws *tsk, tsk* FOR SHAME!!
George A Moore once said

“Taking something from one man and making it worse is plagiarism.”

Demon: “Randy, shut the hell up! You’re talking too damn much!!”

Randy: *sigh* “That’s all for now…he’s such a punk.”


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