Random Information: The Biographer

Angel: “I allowed you a few illicit words and violence, Demon! No more!”

Demon: “Geez, you’re such a prude. I’m only asking for one more graphic scene dammit!”

Angel: “No. Get off my back about it!”

Randy: “Soooo… Still not finished with that story yet?”

Demon: “Shut the hell up and wait over there!”

Randy: “Nasty bitch.” Clears his throat, “Hello all! As you can see Angel babe and Demon goat are still fighting over their story. RB is deep into her book. And I’m bored. So I thought: Why not introduce you all to RB’s least favorite imaginary character: The Biographer. Hi, The Biographer!”

The Biographer: “Good day, Mr. Random Ness.”

Randy: “You can just call me Randy. Hmmm… Can I just call you Miss Bio?”

Miss Bio: “No. My name is The Biographer. You will call me accordingly.”

Randy: “I’m starting to see why RB doesn’t like you.”

Miss Bio: “No. I doubt you do. RB does not appreciate my talents because I must wade through her life which she keeps most private. Once I get vital pieces for her biography I open it out to the world. Unfortunately, pulling RB’s life story from her has proven fruitless. You can read my utmost failure in About RB.”

Randy: “Too bad RB fights you every step of the way.”

Miss Bio: “Precisely. It is unnerving to not complete the task to which I was created. However, I shall endeavor to rectify this problematic situation.”

Randy: “How when RB has a habit of erasing unsavory characters?”

Miss Bio: “Yes well… know thy enemy. I will become her best friend and pry what I can while getting away with little by little. In due time, I will prevail.”

Randy: “Or be terminated. Good luck to you, Miss Bio.”

Miss Bio: “My name is The Biographer.”

Randy: “Hey Angel! Demon! Wanna take bets on how long this biographer will last?”

Demon: “My twenty bucks says one month!”

Angel: “I don’t gamble. But if I did…”

Miss Bio: “How incredibly rude. I’m standing before you.”

Randy: “Would you prefer we do this behind your back? Then turn around.”



  1. Man are they still at it? Seriously, I think Angel and Demon should just get it on and relieve all this sexual tension. Throw in a biographer et al, the more the merrier.

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