Random Information: Freakin’ Infuriating and Frustrating

RB: “Frustrating! Freakin’ infuriating and frustrating!!” A door slams.

Randy: “Is RB still having issues editing?”

Demon: “No, shit-for-brains, freakin’ infuriating and frustrating is her way of saying life is rosy.”

Randy: “Or it’s RB’s way of practicing alliteration.”

Demon: “Illiterate huh?”

Angel: “Alliteration, like Sally Sells Seashells by the-“

Demon: “Tongue twisters!”

Randy: “Yes, most tongue twisters are alliteration. A string of words that start with similar sounds to form a phrase or sentence. Some are silly like: Wet whales wallow in water. Some are more serious like: The lamp light lit the dark. Most often alliterations are prominent in poems or in literature heavy with prose.”

Angel: “And tongue twisters.”

Demon: “Great! More random shit you decided to just shove in my face.”

Randy: “Hello!! MY NAME IS RANDOM NESS! Now get back to writing your story. We ain’t got forever.”

Demon: “How about I show you forever?”

Angel: “sigh This story’s never gonna get written.”


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