Seers of River – Part 2

Randy: “I like it so far.”

Demon: “You only scratched the surface, idiot, keep reading.”

Randy: “Okay! Okay!”

Angel: “This part adds a bit of history.”

Randy: “Really? Let’s see…”


Four months. That’s how long David recalled the five of them wasted working together on this project. DJ was the project lead, commanded by the Heads of House River to find information regarding the Oracle. Rumor had it that it was the end of her reign. According to prophecy, ancient and modern, a new leader would be needed. Little else about the prophecy was collected so it was up to the best seers in River to learn the details. Though a bit rough around the edges, the five of them were the best known seers in River, the house of spiritual energy. River seers were renowned for their power in all the Structure – able to see past, present, and/or future events. However, being the best wasn’t advancing their investigation. They were stuck.

David’s ability was to see into the past also known as a historian. No, it didn’t sound glamorous, but to his people he was considered the best and that came with perks. Most of his time was spent in and out of information vaults for the different Houses all over the world working for or hired out by River. Often, he was commissioned by House Blade, the Structure’s military, to do historical work for them since they lacked seers of any kind. He underwent some of their Blade training during his jobs to gain and retain the House’s respect. To the public, who didn’t know about the Structure, he was just a historian… something like a museum curator or whatever sounded good at the time.

Irene and Dr. Richards were also historians. Dr. Richards even had a Ph.D in History. Dr. Hester had a doctorate in archeology, saw modern events in his mind as they were happening, and was an enhancer — able to enhance and sharpen the powers of all those around him. DJ, the doctor of anthropology, was the prophet.

DJ was good… probably the best. His level of power was higher than David’s, which meant he could see the future with near crystal clarity. However, he could only see months into the future, sometimes years. For a prophet, that was excellent. Only the father of their hidden civilization, Tesen, could see beyond years into the future. Tesen whose power was called the Eyes of God, was capable of seeing almost anything and everything he wanted to see no matter the timeline. How the hell could Tesen function properly and keep his mind from going insane with all those visions?

Sometimes recognizing reality was hell for David after a vision. The more resent the past, the better he could see it. The further in the past, the cloudier the images. Only when he could touch a relic of ancient times could he get clear visions connected to the artifact.

That is what made him invaluable. Most historians didn’t get clear visions of ancient history no matter how hard they tried. Historians could usually go back as far as the Egyptians right before the pyramids. However, if he had an artifact of his people before their destruction, David could see remnants of Uni’ki, the birth place of the Structure, the first advanced human civilization. Uni’ki was Atlantis’ mysterious lost city. Going that far back wreaked havoc on David’s energy levels.

The only thing left of Uni’ki were humans with powers who hid among the normal populace, ruling the world in secret, but hiding, nonetheless. A fitting punishment for their people’s past transgressions. Uni’ki proved that unlimited power without proper accountability created a shit-storm of far-reaching consequences.



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