Seers of River – Part 3

Randy: “Ohhmmm, I am seeing into the futuuuure…”

Angel: “Um…”

Demon: “What the hell?”

Randy: “In the future I see part 3 of the story…”

Demon: “That’s because you have part 3 in your hand ya damn twit.”

Angel: “Randy, please just continue reading.”

Randy: “Anything for you Angel babe.”


After retrieving DJ’s lighter, David headed back only to bump into Irene. She glanced down at his hand glimpsing the orange BIC, then rolled her brown eyes.

“I hate that he wants to kill himself, but I hate it more that he wants to take us with him,” She said.

So dramatic. If it wasn’t for her diva routine, she might be kind of cute.

He proceeded to walk around her.

“You know he’s having nightmares.” She continued, “Prophetic dreams he calls it. Whatever. It’s not healthy. You should talk to him. Mary Alexander is already jumping on our backs. The amount of money she has poured into this… She’s waiting for results.”

“I know,” David said.

“Do you? Do you know what kind of woman she is? I’ve seen her past. If we don’t hurry… What if DJ’s nightmares are connected to her anger? She could be killing us in his dreams.”

David left, trying to tune her out Irene’s drama. David had seen the woman’s past as well. Mary Alexander was a tyrant, but a smart one. She’d only kill them if she felt threatened by them.

The bickering doctors’ voices met David at the meeting room door.

“Read this!” Dr. Richards snatched one of the books of Structure history from the table. “Read it carefully so you can see why our civilization failed. Tesen had the power to stop it. He had more power than anyone ever will and—”

“Why don’t we just ask the Eyes of God himself?” DJ interrupted as David handed him his lighter. His sleepy eyes trained on David. The two arguing doctors settled down. Irene came into the room with a curious expression.

“Impossible,” David said. He tried before to reach Tesen, more times than he would admit. Each time it was like staring into a gray abyss. If Tesen didn’t want to be seen, he wouldn’t be. The founder of their people was as powerful dead as he had been alive. In most cases, if a high level prophet looks into the future at a high level historian, the two could hold a conversation across time. In Tesen’s case, anyone who tried to see him in the past were blocked by his power when he didn’t want to be seen.

“If Tesen wanted to communicate, someone would’ve communed with him by now,” David said. It was like he didn’t exist. However, everyone in the Structure knew he did. The Oracle, the leader of their society, was proof of his existence. The Oracle was believed to be the only one Tesen would speak with. “Maybe… one of the past Oracles would let us speak to him.”

“That might work. Which Oracle should we contact?” DJ asked.

“Why not contact the current one?” Irene asked.

“She’s unapproachable for some reason,” DJ said. “She long ago cut herself off from outside contact.”

“Then who would be a good candidate?”

“The last River Oracle might help since he is one of us. Cord was a pretty pleasant Oracle wasn’t he?” Dr. Richards sat down at the table interested.

“I need an item that was once his.” David looked around the vault. The River’s vault in which they worked was filled with old books and artifacts of River’s history and other Structure history. There had to be something of the Oracle Cord in their presence. Cord was from their House after all.

Dr. Richards, Irene, and himself were about to get up from the table to look around for something before Dr. Hester cursed.

“Simpletons.” Dr. Hester called their attention pointing to a book at the center of their table. “Book of prophecy.” That’s right, Cord did write a book of prophecy and it was among many of the books of prophecy that they used in their research.

“Call me a simpleton one more time, Hester, and I’ll cram that Ph.D. down your throat.” Irene tossed her hair back.

DJ laughed. He leaned forward and pushed the old worn book toward David. “Give it a go, Dave.”



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