Seers of River – Part 4

Randy: “Simpletons!”

Demon: “I wanted to use assholes but Angel said no more profanity. Such a prude.”

Angel: “If it was up to you, it would be nothing but profanity.”

Demon: “True enough!”

David nodded, put his hand on the book, and then closed his eyes to focus. Energy circled the book and entered his body moving his mind further and further into the past. Time passed in a blink zipping images through him at lightspeed.

Cord. He thought reaching for his target. Oracle. He focused his thoughts and will until images of the young Oracle merged to one. The Oracle Cord sat in the dark on the stone floor next to a lit candle. His hand was feverish, writing the prophecies his energy fed to him.

“Can you see me? Can you feel my presence?” David asked the young man.

There was no response. This Cord was too young and too inexperienced to be Oracle yet. He wasn’t powerful enough. David looked over the young prophet’s shoulder as he wrote. “Flame-Eyed Beast? Void?” Why wasn’t this prophecy familiar? He had read Cord’s book of prophecy time and time again, but this prophecy wasn’t in the original. It spoke of chaos and death. A time when seers and record keepers of all kinds would be killed because of the seventeenth Oracle. The current Oracle!

Something landed on his shoulder.

David turned around. Shadows moved, colors shifted, and history changed. Before him stood a stern Cord with a face haunted by life and visions.

“Why are you here?” The older Cord asked with a deep course accent. Even his voice seemed haunted. His blue robe was thick and hand-stitched, nothing manufactured in a factory. “Answer.” His voice echoed in my head.

Though they stood close to the same height, this man of power was intimidating. “I wanted to ask about Tesen. But… what is going to happen in our time? Why are they killing seers?”

“You came for nothing. Go back.”


“I wasn’t asking.” Cord shoved David’s energy.

David jerked into the present. “What an asshole,” He said shaking off that overwhelming power. His mind felt like he’d been physically attacked.

“You okay?” Irene asked startled.

“Yeah, why?” He rubbed his arms and rotated his shoulders. His muscles were stiff, for some reason.

“You’ve been out for ten hours straight.”

What? David blinked, as he noticed most of his colleagues were gone. “What?” He said aloud looking down at his watch. The time was already late into the middle of the night. “What?” He never had a vision that took more than a few minutes. The longest was an hour. But ten?


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