Seers of River – Part 5

Randy: “Oooo, I feel the tension building.”

Angel: “Can you really?”

Demon: “Who cares! Just hurry up and read!”

Randy: “Meanie…”


“We were concerned after the first hour.” Irene shook her head. “We shook you. Even called to you. However, we got nothing. We even brought a healer in. All she said was for us to wait it out. But you scared us… especially DJ. I’ll go get him.”

Irene quickly left David to grounded himself to the world around him.

Ten hours.

He rubbed his hands over his eyes as the images played back in his head. Images that were zipping by before he mentally slowed to observe them more closely. Things he didn’t notice before zoomed in on him.

He paused an image at will staring at Cord’s written prophecy. The script was written in an old form of French, but David could read what it was saying. The prophecy was terrifying.

“David!” DJ’s voice called to him.

“I’m awake.” David chuckled nervously opening his eyes. He checked his watch. Good, it was only a few moments.

“How are you feeling?” DJ squatted down next to him.

“I…” He shook his head and looked around. “Where’s the book?”

DJ’s eyes widened. “In your lap.”

David looked down and frowned. He barely felt the weight. He picked it up and thumbed through it. When he arrived at the place where the prophecy should’ve been, the pages were gone — as if never there. His finger pressed into the center crevice. His mind searched the past seeking an answer. As a newly ordained Oracle, Cord unbound the book removing the pages before binding the book back.

“Why?” David asked aloud.

“Why what?” DJ asked with Irene hovering.

“Cord removed some of his prophecies.”

“What does this have to do with Tesen?” Irene huffed.

“Nothing, but it is the reason our research is taking so long.” David answered. For months they struggled to find answers and only gained more questions. Now he believed that like the pages of that book, the answers had all been removed. “It’s like someone doesn’t want us to know what’s going to happen.”

As soon as Dr. Hester and Richards came to join them, David explained to them what he saw.

“Wait… David, we’re all seers here. You’re not saying… Does that mean…we could be killed?” Irene’s voice hinted with hysteria.

David hadn’t considered it. Was that what the prophecy meant? “The prophecy was obscure like most are. But…but from my interpretation, it didn’t say all prophets and seers died.” He glanced over at DJ, whose bottom lip quivered.

He held DJ’s wide-eyed pensive stare. The prophet knew something.

“Oh… oh… We should call Ms Alexander.” Irene pulled her cellphone from atop the table. “She’d want to know about this. She’ll… she’ll keep us protected.”

DJ stood to his feet. “I’m going to go visit my wife and daughter.”

“What? At a time like this?” Dr. Hester asked. “We need to research this more. We must learn why, possibly warn others.”

“Do what you want. I’m done.” DJ strolled away.

David pursued him. “Dr. James, what do you know?” He asked once they were in the hallway. “Irene said you were having bad dreams. Are they connected to this?”

“Run, David.” DJ never stopped walking and never looked over at him, “Go now, and you might get a head start.” He took a pack of cigarettes from his front shirt pocket. His hands were shaking. “I hoped they were just dreams. Hoped.” With unsteady fingers he finally pulled a stick from the pack. He put the cigarette in his mouth, took out his lighter, and lit the end. His shaking stilled. “I need to see my family alive before they get to them.”

“Who? Who is doing this?”

“DJ,” Irene cried into the hallway. “Mary wants to talk to you.”

“Tell her I quit. David’s in charge now.” DJ walked faster.

David cursed running back to take the call.



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