Seers of River – Part 6

Randy: *sniff* *sniff* “I smell… I smell the hint of something foul coming.”

Angel: “…you smell… What?”

Demon: “Wash your ass, Randy, and you won’t have that problem.”

Randy: “No, you don’t get it. I’m talking about the story and… oh forget it.”


“I couldn’t make out a damn thing Irene said.” Mary’s voice blasted in his ear. “What is going on, David?”

“We might be in danger here, Ms Alexander,” David said into the phone, “I’ve learned something about the Oracle’s death.”

“Tell me–” The phone’s battery went dead.

He handed it back to Irene. “It needs to be charged.”

“Cheap crap, I just charged it.” She shook it. “Where’s your phone?”

“In the room, I’ll go get it.” He jogged to his room and slowed up right outside of DJ’s. The prophet was packing.

“Are you sure?” David asked. Wondering if this wasn’t just a bad interpretation. Some prophetic visions were symbolic.

“No. But none of my visions have been like this. Whether it is just a trick of my mind or not, I’m not taking chances. I want to see my family.”

“How bad are your visions?”

“I see more than just seers and record keepers dying. I see… a lot more. Gruesome shit.” DJ zipped up his bag.


“David.” The prophet looked up at him, fear flicked in his eyes. “Haven’t you noticed I’ve been smoking more? It’s to stop this.” He held up his shaking hand. “No. No more. I need to leave.” He tossed his bag over his shoulder and walked up to David. He gripped the historian’s shoulders and said, “Goodbye, buddy.” He squeezed and left the River vaults for home.

“He just left!” Irene squawked when David gave them the news. “Now what do we do?”

“We continue our research.” Dr. Hester said thumbing through one of the books. “We pursue the truth. There is more to this, and I want to learn what it is.”

“What? But what if DJ has the right idea?” Irene and Dr. Hester began to argue. David realized the team couldn’t survive without DJ. He was the glue. The man had a way of making the group concentrate on work. Every time he was absent for a moment, Dr. Hester and Dr. Richards were at each other’s throats. It was DJ and DJ alone that gave Irene the attention she demanded. Now that he was gone, the group would be a damn mess.

“Where’s Dr. Richards?” David asked interrupting the verbal sparring match.

Irene put her hand on her hip. “He went to lay down. All this excitement is getting to him. Did you call Mary?”

That’s right. With DJ’s departure, David forgot all about his cellphone. David went to his room and searched around for it. Where did he put it?

He turned around, and jumped from his skin when he saw Dr. Richards standing in his doorway. His face was pale, his eyes vacant.

“Dr. Richards?”

“DJ-J-James…” The doctor stuttered.

David took off down the hall toward the garage where their cars were parked. When he opened the door to the the dimly lit garage area, the first thing his eyes caught was red streaked across DJ’s SUV. Was that blood?

The moment he stepped onto the paved ground, the building door shut behind him. The latch locked. A scream could be heard inside. “Irene!” David turned back to the door, banging on it, pulling on the handle. The damn thing wouldn’t budge.

“Run, David. Go now,” DJ’s words echoed in his head. He backed up, one foot after another, unsure of what to do, where to go. He didn’t even know who was after them. This wasn’t real. It couldn’t be.

Something dark materialized up from the floor in front of him. Covered in black, the figure pulled out a knife.

David kicked the attacker’s knee so hard the masked man buckled. Then he forced his fist into the covered face. Something snapped.

Not taking a moment to get a look at the culprits face, he ran to his car.

But he didn’t jump in, instead, he went under his seat and grabbed his gun. His keys were in the building, and there was no way he was going back in there. He felt movement behind him.

His body turned, gun locked on the motion. He fired three times, hitting his target. Another masked figure. David jumped over the body and sprinted for the outside world.

He stumbled out onto the asphalt of Sacramento, California and ran for his life. The night air was quiet and crisp. The early morning hours weren’t in his favor — his chance of finding help was slim.

He needed a phone. Or transportation. Or powers that would allow him to kick major ass. The only power he had wouldn’t do the trick. His Blade training was only going to get him so far.

His legs stopped running outside what looked like a popular nightclub. He glimpsed a couple walking to their car. With steel resolve, he approached them, pointing the gun at the drunk man’s head.

“Keys!” He demanded.

The man dropped them, hands in the air. The woman screamed.

David scooped up the keys, jumped into the sedan, and floored it out of the city.



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