Seers of River – Part 7

Randy: “So is this the seer that-”

Demon: “Yep! Muwahahahahahaha!”

Randy: “I almost feel sorry for him…”


The first night, he stopped at a hotel outside Las Vegas, Nevada close to Utah and called Mary Alexander demanding protection if she wanted the information he possessed. She agreed, then told him something disturbing.

According to her, no evidence lingered at the River vault of any deaths or attacks. The vault was too clean, as if they had just finished spring cleaning and sterilizing. All Mary knew was that rest of the team was missing. The blood he had seen on DJ’s SUV wasn’t there when her River investigation team arrived. There weren’t even images for her seers to pick up. No DJ, Dr. Hester, Dr. Richards, Irene, or signs of struggle.

“David, I don’t know what you’ve stumbled on, but I need that info.” Mary demanded.

“Not until I’m safe.”

“Fine, dammit, I’ll send Blade after you, they’ll…” The phone went dead before she could finish.

Remembering that the phone went dead before the last attack, he grabbed his gun and headed out of the hotel room in time to see his pursuers had come to visit. Dressed in black from head to toe they were armed with guns.

“Who are you?” He yelled aiming his gun.

They didn’t answer or hesitate to opened fire. He left three dead bodies for housekeeping to clean up before he moved on. David realized two things in that moment — his ammo was out and there would be no negotiating with these people.

For over two weeks, he ran, never stopping long. Whoever was after him was good at tracking. He couldn’t make phone calls or use his credit cards without getting their immediate attention. They had numbers everywhere and resources. Unfortunately, David had nothing but himself and an empty gun. A gun he used to scare innocent victims out of their car, so that he didn’t have to stop for gas. The times he did stop for gas was only to steal a car that had just been filled by some unsuspecting person. He found most of his sleep in short naps on the side of the road or at truck stops.

Food was scarce. Sometimes he happened upon snacks in the cars he stole. Often he found enough loose change in the vehicles to grab nabs or water.

No matter how close he got to a Structure owned facility, they were waiting for him. Blade facilities he worked for before, couldn’t help him if he couldn’t even stop to let them know he needed help. He even had these unknown people chasing him by vehicle a couple of time. He mustered all the skill in his possession to out run them. Whoever this group was had thoroughly isolated him from getting any help.

As he traveled, he used a trick he picked up from his Blade training to hide his energy signature. He used his power to travel into the past, erasing his energy footsteps. It was like retracing his steps into the past, creating a loop of deception all the way back to the River vaults. His tricks were working. His pursuers hadn’t found him at all.



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