Seers of River – Part 8

Randy: “Two weeks without proper rest? That can cause stress to the body.”

Angel: “And the mind. But the nature of their powers can sustain them longer than normal humans.”

Randy: “True.”

Demon: “Stop yapping and keep reading. You haven’t gotten to the good part yet.”


Going into the third week, David couldn’t keep running — fatigue was nagging him. It was time to stop and actually get some real sleep. Parked outside of a truck stop, he lifted his pelvis and took the credit card from his back pocket. He studied it for a bit trying to think of a way to get what he need without drawing attention to himself. Flipping the plastic in his fingers he stared up at the convenience store window. He searched the establishment wishing for a miracle, a sign, a hint, or just… a tattoo?

One of the waitresses packing up for the night had a tattoo on her arm. Well, it looked like a tattoo. It was actually the seal of the House of Blade. That was his sign. He got out of his car, entered the restaurant area, and walked up to the woman.

“Good evening,” He said holding out his hand to shake, leaning his neck to the side to show her the markings of his River seal. That was the only way she would know he was like her, both from the Structure.

She eyed him for a moment, then sniffed before wrinkling up her nose.“I’m guessing you need help?” She lifted an eyebrow. “And a shower?”

He chuckled nervously. “Actually, if you could… or if you happen to know the closest Blade–”

“Look, sweetie, I might have the seal, but that doesn’t mean I know people. I barely have power.”

She was just a normal citizen who liked to keep below the radar. Fine. But he could still use her.

“Fair enough. But maybe a little spending change.”

She narrowed her eyes. As she looked down at the credit card in his hand.

“I can’t use it or I would have.” He defended himself.

“Stanley, get this man a meal.” She yelled to a waiter. “Put it on my tab.” She pulled her purse open and handed him twenty dollars. “There are showers in the back. They cost a couple of dollars to rent. I swear the things I get myself into.”

“Th-thank you! Thank you, Tina.”

“And plus you’re cute.” She blushed before shrugging. She cleared her throat. “Um, take care.” Her lips twisted into a bit of a smile. “Wait. How did you know my name?”

He tapped the markings on his neck. He could see her past as vivid as if he had lived it himself.

“Right.” She nodded walking pass him to leave. “I wish mine were as cool.”

No she didn’t. His powers got him into this mess.

David thanked her again before she left out the door waving.

He gobbled the food brought to him in a white paper bag — a burger and fries. Then he washed himself as best he could with the liquid soap in the stall’s soap dispenser.

Afterward, he put his clothes back on and was about to exit the shower when he heard voices out in the hall.

“The car is outside. It was the one he was driving. Stolen from an old lady in Kansas City.”

David immediate made sure his energy was still secure and hidden. It had to be his pursuers, Mary didn’t know where he was. Maybe it was Blade, they had excellent trackers. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, he stayed close to the shower wall, listening.

“His energy isn’t here though,” Another voice said. “He must have ditched the car and found other transportation.”

“It’s taking too long to erase him.”

Erase? Death no matter what? He knew, yet he hoped, for nothing.

“We’ve already passed our deadline.”

There was a curse.


Then, “We have to call Demon’s Wrath.”

David stopped breathing. Demon’s Wrath. Demon’s Wrath! Not just any assassin. The best assassin, according to legend. Demon’s Wrath was just a part of the Structure’s folklore. There was no such thing. David tried to search the past for answers, and got only boogie man stories. Demon’s Wrath didn’t exist. Maybe it was a code word or something.

After the voices and footsteps faded, he quickly and cautiously left the showers. He got lucky and found a truck with the keys still inside. He hopped in, and headed to the closest base he knew Mary Alexander owned — St. Louis. He thought he had hidden his tracks well, but it wasn’t well enough. Whoever was after him, they weren’t going to give up until he was dead.



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