Three Chapters of History… What?!

Demon: “What the hell is this? Are you freakin’ kidding me?”

RB: “Nope.”

Angel: “What’s going on?”

Demon: “Read this shit!” Demon shoves the papers at Angel.

Angel: “Don’t be rude, Demon,” She begins to read. “I don’t see the problem.”

Demon: “Damn. Of course you don’t, Ms. Attention-to-Detail, so I’ll point it out to you. RB has three damn chapters of nothing but history in her new manuscript! THREE DAMN CHAPTERS?!

Angel: “Yes, but it’s written well, and it isn’t actually boring. Very informative, connects the plot elements, and-”

Demon: “If someone wants to read that much history in a fiction book, they need to pick up a non-fiction book. This is bull-”

RB: “The history isn’t non-fiction, Demon. It’s fictional history. And it’s relevant.”

Demon: “Condense it!”

RB: “This is condense.”

Angel: “Well… If you don’t mentions these areas… and these specific people and… How about highlighting only the key elements instead of drawing out the complete history? Spread it out a bit… maybe.”

RB: “I fear leaving out something important. And if I put it all together it makes it easy to go back to instead of spreading it out and making the reader forget what they read.”

Demon: “Bullshit is bullshit. Delete half of it. And throw a fight in there or some explosives.”

RB: “Hmmmmm… Fine, I’ll rework it and see where it goes.”



      1. Honestly I should play around with something like that when I am stuck in Writer’s Block, which doesn’t exist *grins* Lately the words have been few and far between, maybe some dialog with the inner characters will loosen that up a bit…
        You know how it goes… when you have plenty of ideas, you can even write some words, but nothing seems cohesive or making of sense… *grins*

        1. I understand completely. For me it not so much a block as a need to focus… Once I’ve carefully constructed my characters and start them on the right path they kind of do their own thing its usually up to me to keep up and record. 🙂 Often the story is still living in my head even when I’m not writing.

          1. That is exactly how it works for me too!!! That is why when I am stuck it is so frustrating, cause usually I can hear the words spinning around in my head!!! They just wont come out, or do so all jumbled feeling. Course, that could be just me, thinking they are jumbled *grins*

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