The Latest and Not So Greatest

Randy: “Hi All! Hope things are hunky dory with all the readers out there.”

Demon: “Hunky dory? What the fu-”

Randy: “I’m sure you, the audience, would like to know what’s going on with RB lately?”

Demon: “No, not really. I could care less.”

Angel: “This update is for people who actually care, Demon. Now shush!”

Demon: “Hell, who says ‘shush‘ anymore. And what kind of shit is hunky dory?”

Randy: “Here’s Miss Bio with the latest about RB.”

Miss Bio: “It is The Biographer, Mr. Random Ness. Please make the necessary corrections,” Clears her throat, “To the reading audience, good day. RB, who had a cup of yogurt and an apple for breakfast before her hasty retreat out of the door this morning, is currently penning the final touches on her fourth book — the first book in a new series that will be targeted toward the young adult/new adult audience. RB exquisitely blends elements of science fiction with a fantasy based novel about… She still will not give me that information-”

Demon & Angel: “Figures.”

Miss Bio: “But RB is so diligent she has put much of her social media and blogging tasks aside to focus on completing this two-year project. Also, for repast RB had a bag of chili cheese fritos before-”

Demon: “Shit, this is going to take forever isn’t it? Let’s just rip the band-aid off this bitch and get it over with. HEY, RB, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING AND HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO TAKE DAMMIT?! I’M TIRED OF WAITING ON YOUR ASS!


Demon: “There. That’s how a report should be. A nice pretty little nutshell. Now someone tell me what the hell is a hunky dory?”

Angel: *sigh*

Randy: “Thank you, Demon! That’s all for now folks.”

Miss Bio: “Wait. No. That is not-”


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