Weakest Link

Angel: “Still editing?”

Rb: “Still editing.”

Demon: ” ’cause RB sucks at grammar.”

Rb: “And you suck for rubbing it in.”

Demon: “No, you suck because-”

Angel: “Where are we, elementary school!?! RB what exactly is it about grammar that gives you problems.”

Rb: “Commas.”

Demon: “Comma comma comma comma comma chameleon. You come and go, you come and-”

Angel: “Karma not comma, Demon.”

Demon: “I know, but it works dammit.”

Angel: “Ugh! Rb, we’re going to fix that weakness and turn it into a strength. I’m going to do some research and help you with this problem.”

Demon: “Helping’s boring.”

Rb: “That’s nice of you, Angel. Also, look up information on colons, semicolons, and hyphens while you’re at it.”

Demon: “So boring…”


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