Too Many Rules!

Angel: “I’m starting to see why RB has a hard time with grammar.”

Demon: “Too many damned rules!”

Angel: “Exactly.”

Demon: “You agree? Huh?”

Angel: “Well… Look here…” Points to the computer screen, “According to the Purdue OWL you’re supposed to use a comma before a conjunction, after an introductory phrase, to seperate lists in a sentence, to set off information not related to-”

Demon: “Too many damned things to remember!”

Angel: “It even mentions that most errors that people have to correct are comma usage, so RB isn’t alone.”

Demon: “I say scrap the whole system. Grammar is nothing but rules, and rules are bullshit.”

Angel: *sigh* “Demon, rules are necessary for certain situations.”

Demon: “Says Miss Goody-Goody. I say: Let Anarchy Rein!!

Angel: “Of course you do.”


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