Angel: “The colon is a punctuation mark used mostly in formal writing. According to the BYU Writing Center the colon signals to the reader to look forward to what is to follow the mark. And the clause that follows the colon must be a complete sentence.”

Demon: “Wow! More rules. The colon sure is shitty. Get it, shi-”

Angel: “DEMON! It’s not that kind of colon. Anyway the semicolon has a different set of rules. Let’s see… the semi-colon can replace and, but, or, yet joining two independent clauses. It can also be used to join two independent clauses when the last clause begins with a conjunctive adverb… Clauses? Conjunctive adverb? So many terms, I should be looking up more than just colon and semicolon-”

Demon: “Semicolon? Like part of a colon. Boy I feel sorry for the poor bastard who only has half a colon. I mean the shi-”


Demon: “Heh heh heh…



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