Just A Dash Will Do

Angel: “I think I like the dash.”

Demon: “You like everything.”

Angel: “Not…everything…”

Demon: “Hey! What was that look you just gave me?”

Angel: “It seems the dash can be used to highlight text. According to Grammar Girl dashes can be used instead of commas to emphasize text and can replace colons to expand a sentence to add an important statement. Also-”

Demon: “Were you trying to say you don’t like me, Angel? Huh?”

Angel: “I didn’t say it, Demon.”

Demon: “You implied it.”

Angel: “Demon, I love everybody including you.”

Demon: “Don’t give me that shit!”

Angel: “I just don’t like you.”

Demon: “Same damn thing!”

Angel: “No… it’s like saying I love you but I can’t live with you. Get it?”

Demon: “I hate you, too, dammit.”

Angel: “Should I be bothered with this obvious information?”

Demon: “Glib sarcasm!?!? Nice!


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