Punctuation Summarization

Angel: “RB, we’ve finished our research.”

Rb: “That was fast. What did you find out?”

Angel: “Grammar is like a different language you have to spend time to understand and-”

Demon: “Grammar sucks.”

Angel: “A challenge to be sure. But I believe that those who understand it are invaluable.”

Demon: “They’re nerds.”

Angel: “Anyway, RB, here is the conclusion to our findings on how we can help you.”

Rb: Takes the report and reads it. “This is a list of editors.”

Demon: “Hell. Yeah.”

Angel: “More precisely, that is a list of experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge that can help people who want their writing polished.”

Demon: “In other words, you have to pay them to correct your shitty grammar.”

Rb: “Thanks anyway, Angel. Oh and Demon-”

Demon: “Yeah, I know, I know, Go to Hell. Some people are just soooo ungrateful.”


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