Angel: “RB! It’s November! Happy NaNoWriMo!!”

Demon: “What the hell is that? Some alien holiday?”

Rb: “National Novel Writing Month, but I don’t really participate.”

Angel: “But why not? You write.”

Rb: “Yes, all the time, so it really doesn’t do me much good. I mean, I’m all for the spirit of going out and starting that next great novel, but it doesn’t have the thrill for me as it does for so many other writers. I wish everyone taking part the best. But I’ve got my own work to do.”

Demon: “Yeah, Angel, you should be wishing RB a Happy NaHuTheHeUpAnFinMo.”

Rb: “I’m scared to ask, but what is that?”

Demon: “National Hurry The Hell Up And Finish Month.”

Angel: “How about we just shorten it and say National Novel Finish Month?”

Demon: “Doesn’t have the same punch to it.”

Angel: “But it gets the point across just the same.”

Rb: “Hoho, you both have jokes. Well the jokes on you, I’m already finished.”

Angel and Demon: “………WHAT!?!?


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