Keeping Promises

Rb: “The truth of the matter is I kind of… Some how… Made a promise…”

Angel: “To who?”

Demon: “More importantly what’s this promise bullshit?”

Rb: “To my brother and I promised that after I finished this book I would try to do the traditional thing this time instead of going indie.”

Demon: “Why the hell would you promise something like that?”

Angel: “Really? I think trying a new avenue will be good for-”

Demon: “Good? GOOD! Dammit, traditional publishing would take FOREVER! Not to mention all the work you would have to put in just to get noticed.”

Angel: “Yes, but think of the experience. And can you imagine the broader audience that RB might reach?”

Demon: “Hell, that’s only if RB can get those big publishers to even take notice and might I add, that first comes the agent. If you can’t even get an agent you’re screwed.”

Angel: “True… But think of it this way Demon. If RB gets the right attention her books could go to Hollywood.”

Demon: “Oooooo Hollywood! Movies! I’ll be a superstar!!

Rb: “Ooookay, you two can dream for me. I’m only giving this promise a couple of months and then I’m publishing it myself.”

Demon: “No RB! Think Hollywood…”

Rb: “Thanks a lot, Angel. You’ve created a bigger pain in my ass.”

Angel grins sheepishly.



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