Thanks To You!

Angel: “Okay, RB, I’ve sent Demon on an errand so you don’t have long. If you’re going to say it, now is the time.”

Rb: “Thanks, Angel.” I clear my throat, “To all of you who read this blog, I want to say THANK YOU for your support and for taking the time to put up with my imagination.”

Angel: “Hurry!”

Rb: “Also, a very special THANK YOU to all the readers out there who read my book whether you enjoyed it or not: THANK YOU!! You are more than appreciated. More than words can say. I bow to you.”

Angel: “Uh, oh, here he comes.”

Rb: “Oh, and to all those who are waiting for the next series to come out, hopefully you won’t have to wait long.


Demon: “Awww hell, I turn my back for one minute and you go mushy on me.



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