Slow Down. Not So Fast…

Demon: “Okay, here is the game plan,” he starts writing, “Angel, you do research on literary agents.”

Angel: “Well… okay, but-”

Demon: “I’ll go find Random Ness and get him to do research on query letters and publishers.”

Angel: “Wait, Demon, aren’t you rushing things a bit? I mean-”

Demon: “Oh, I have to do investigating on screenplays. Angel make sure that whatever agents you research also have movie connections. I’m going to be FAMOUS!!”

Rb: “Angel, what’s going on?”

Angel: “Demon’s determined to make your books famous so he can be famous.”

Rb: “He does realize I’m an introvert, right? I mean, I’m not shy, but I like my privacy therefore I’m not interested in having cameras shoved in my face.”

Angel: “I’ve been trying to tell him that, but I don’t think he cares.”

Demon: “I’ll be rubbing elbows with Brad Pitt, shaking hands with Samuel L. Jackson, and dancing with Charlize Theron. So RB I need you to start writing your proposal package so I can start shipping it out.”

Rb: “Sure… As soon as I get back from my trip.”

Angel & Demon: “What?!”

Demon: “Where the hell are you going AGAIN? And why the hell wasn’t I invited AGAIN?!

Angel: “When are you leaving? How long will you be gone?”

Rb: “I’m leaving…soon. I’ll be out of the country for… more than a couple of days…”

Angel: “Could you get anymore vague?”




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