Fame, Fortune, Folly

Demon: “I’m going to be rich! RICH!

Angel: “Demon, there is more to life than money.”

Demon: “Yes, there is pride, beer, greed, lust, gluttony, television, sloth, wrath, internet, envy, and chocolate.”

Randy: “Chocolate! Oooo even better, chocolate cupcakes! Yum!”

Demon: “Yo Randy, make sure those submission letters have plenty of cash inside.”

Angel: “Bribery!! Demon, you can’t bribe literary agents!”

Demon: “Hoho! That’s where you’re wrong. Watch me. My plan to get me famous and rich starts with getting RB in the limelight. Now step back and watch where mobsters learned the tricks of their trade.”

Angel: “Demon, I won’t let you taint RB’s hard work because you want to make a quick buck.”

Demon: “Then close your eyes and ignore me. HEY RANDY! What the hell?”

Randy: “You said fill the envelopes with money so…”

Demon: “Monopoly Money? Seriously? You’re supposed to use real cash.”

Randy: “But you didn’t give me any.”

Demon: “Duh, idiot, if I had my own I wouldn’t be trying to get rich. That’s why you should be using your money.”

Randy: “But… I don’t have any either…”

Demon: “Hmmmm, there is another source…”

Angel: “RB! Hide your money!!”



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