Stop The Madness

Rb: “Demon, this has to stop. I can’t believe you’re trying to bribe literary agents. AND WITH MY MONEY!! Do you have no morals…wait…never mind, stupid question.”

Demon: “RB, I do this all for you. Don’t you want to be successful?”

Rb: “Lies. You’re not thinking about me at all. Just your own greed.”

Demon: “Gasp! How can you say such a thing? I have your best interest at heart.”

Rb: “Lying sack of sh-”

Angel: “RB, please don’t let Demon get to you. Randy and I will help you the best we can. And we will try to make sure Demon doesn’t do anything unscrupulous.”

Demon: “Try to stop me.”

Rb: “Easy enough, I’ll just take you off my blog. And push come to shove, I’ll dream up another to take your place.”

Demon: “You…y-you wouldn’t. I’m the star of the show!”

Rb: “Yes, and even stars die out. So do you want to test me?”

Demon: “Shit. I hate you.”


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