Writing Geek

Randy: “I’m so glad RB’s letting us help with her book submissions.”

Angel: “Yes, isn’t it great?”

Randy: “Awesome, that’s what it is. Writing seems so cool! I want to write a story, too!”

Angel: “Then you should. It will probably be a good one.”

Demon: “Why bother? Writing’s a waste. Nothing cool about it. Few get paid from it, even fewer find success. Without fame and fortune, there’s no point.”

Randy: “Demon, RB doesn’t think that way. RB believes writing is rewarding in itself.”

Demon: “Of course. Writing is all RB thinks about… a damn writing-geek.”

Angel: “That’s not nice.”

Demon: “Literary-dweeb.”

Randy: “Ooo, how about a book-nerd.”

Demon: “Nice. Word-dork.”

Angel: “You guys!”

Randy: “Sentence-freak!”

Demon bursts with laughter.

Randy: “What? Funny right?”

Demon shakes his head pointing behind Randy to Rb.

Randy: “Crap.”

Demon: “HAHA. Nope, you mean shit. Right in your pants. HAHAHA!”

Angel: “Rb, before you get mad, might I add that Demon is just as guilt.”

Demon: “Damn snitch!”

Rb: “Demon’s just upset because I won’t let him have his fame and fortune.”

Demon: “Damn skippy. But don’t think I’ve given up. I’ll find away, geek. The world will be mine!! All will bow before-”

Rb: “Hey, Randy, you know that song you like to sing. The one by Taylor Swift?”

Randy: “Oh, yeah-” opens his mouth to sing.

Demon: covers his ears and screams, “NOOOOOOOOO!” Then disappears.

Rb: “Ok, Randy, Demon’s gone. No singing.”

Randy: “But-”

Rb: “No.”

Randy: “Fine. Killjoy.”


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