Merry Christmas To All and To All… Read At Your Own Risk

Demon: “What the hell is Randy watching?”

Rb: “Santa watch.”

Demon: “Santa… Are you freakin’ kidding me!

Angel: “He has the heart of a child, Demon. More people should be so innocent.”

Demon: “Stupid! It’s damned idiotic and-”

Randy: “SHHHHHHHH! It’s at the best part!”

Demon: “It’s a damn radar, Randy! It’s not like you actually see Santa breaking into people’s homes… which would be pretty damn funny. He should be #1 on the FBI’s most wanted list. He’s been pulling this scam for-EVER!

Randy: “Santa’s no criminal you big meany.”

Demon: “And can I add that the dynamics of a gluttonous dude cramming his fat ass down a chimney is WAY too much fiction for me.”

Randy: “It’s magic!!”

Demon: “It’s stupid!!”

Rb: “Are they really going to fight about this?”

Angel: “Sadly, yes.”

Demon: “If the fat ass had any sense he would make his oompa-loompas deliver the toys for him. A good dictator never does his own dirty work.”

Randy: “They’re elves not oompa-loopas you evil bastard!!”

Demon: “Same difference. And reindeer!? Flying?! All I’m going to say is shit don’t fly. People better watch their heads when those bad boys decide to take a dump.”

Randy: Crying, “RB, make him stooooooooop!!

Rb: *sigh* “Merry Christmas, Angel.”

Angel: “Merry Christmas, RB.”



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