Angel: “2013 is coming to an end. It has been a wonderful year. RB finished writing her book and has started working toward getting it published. We were introduced to Random Ness our random source of information, and-”

Demon: “Angel still got on my nerves.”

Angel: “ME! What about your rudeness? You never think before you speak.”

Randy: “Yeah, and you always call people names.”

Angel: “You use foul language.”

Randy: “You’re always nasty and evil.”

Demon: “Don’t gang up on me, dammit!”

Angel: “Might I add you lie!”

Randy: “And you stole my cookies! My yummy cookies!”

Demon: “They weren’t that good.”

Angel: “RB! In 2014, we want less of Demon!”

Randy: “I second that!”

Demon: “What!?! You dare try to get rid of me? I won’t have it! I will destroy you all!”

Rb: “Shut it, Demon. You’re not going anywhere. Every tale needs an antagonist. You’re it.”

Demon: “That’s right, bitches! I’m the villain! Bow down!!”

Randy: “But RB, He’s evil.”

Rb: “True… but if I get rid of him, I’ll just have to create someone just as bad or worse, soooooo…”

Angel: “Worse! No, no, we’ll keep him.”


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