…Hello 2014

Angel: “So, RB, what’s your resolution for 2014?”

Rb: “Um…Well…um…”

Randy: “Ooooo, my resolution is to be cuter, smarter, funnier…”

Rb: “Hey, Demon, help me out here.”

Demon: “Someone doesn’t wanna do her resolutions.”

Rb: “Shhhhhh, keep it down. Come on. You know you hate resolutions as much as I do.”

Demon: “Very well, watch a master of chaos at work.”

Angel: “Yes, Randy, that’s nice, but-”

Randy: “Happier, more social, more understanding,-”

Demon: “More annoying.”

Randy: “You’re rude!”

Demon: “Rude? I’m not the one who stuck his ass in the middle of a question not directed at him.”

Randy: “But I’m Random Ness, I’m supposed to be random.”

Demon: “RB should have named you Annoying or Ass.”

Angel: “Demon!”

Randy: “Evil twit!”

Demon: “Did you just call me a twit?”

Rb: “I’ll take this opportunity to just sneak away, ignore that question, and enjoy my New Year resolution-free…”


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