Resolution Not Required

Angel: “RB? RB! Where did she go?”

Randy: “She got away while we were arguing.”

Angel: “Demon, did you see-”

Demon: “Nope.”

Angel: “You answered that too fast.”

Randy: “HE’S LYING!

Demon: “No, shit, Sherlock.”

Randy: “My name’s not Sherlock.”

Angel: “Demon, where’s RB?”

Demon: “Not in my pocket.”

Angel: “Ugh! She has to do her 2014 resolution.”

Demon: “Resolutions suck. Let it go.”

Randy: “Resolutions help us to meet goals and to stand firm on desicions.”

Angel: “Randy, why are you bothering to explain this to him. It’s a waist of time.”

Demon: “Damn straight. Plus, most people don’t even stick with that crap, so why the hell should I care if RB makes a resolution? She failed last year’s.”

Angel: “It’s a new year. New beginnings. And I’m all for second chances.”

Randy: “Demon, if you tell us than I’ll do anything-”

Angel: “No! Randy! Never make a deal with a demon. Especially this Demon. It only ends badly.”

Demon: “Oh, Angel, don’t be silly. I don’t mind helping Randy for the right price…hehehe.

Randy: *Gulp*


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