Resolve To Resolute

Angel: “There you are!”

Rb: “Crap… Hi Angel…”

Angel: “You knew you’d have to come home eventually, right?”

Rb: “…right…”

Angel: “Don’t make that face. I know you’re busy and trying to get everything ready for publishing, but you need a definite goal.”

Rb: “…goal…uh huh…”

Angel: “Resolution, RB. Make a 2014 resolution for your writing.”

Rb: “Resolutions suck.”

Angel: “Now you sound like Demon.”

Demon: “Because I’m awesome!!!”

Rb: “Resolutions don’t work for me.”

Demon: “Right! So let’s skip that shit and move on to more pressing matters. MAKING ME FAMOUS!”

Angel: “RB, just make it simple. Something you know you can achieve.”

Demon: “I got one. Resolve not to make a resolution. That’s easy.”

Angel: “But technically that is a resolution.”

Demon: “…wait…damn!

Rb: “Fine. My resolution for this year is to make sure my book is completely polished, proofread, and edited before June… And I’ll start working on the next novel and have… lets say half of it done by the end of the year.”

Angel: “Now see, was that so hard.”

Rb & Demon: “Extremely.”



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