Case of the Missing Manuscript

Demon: “Shit!

Randy: “That didn’t sound healthy.”

Angel: “What’s wrong, Demon?”

Demon: “Weeeell… You know how RB gave me her manuscript to read so I could work on getting agents?”

Angel: “Yes. What about it?”

Demon: “I think… I believe… I kind of… misplaced it.”

Randy: “YOU LOST RB’S MANUSCRIPT!! You are SO dead! Ho ho, this needs popcorn!”

Demon: “You son of a-”

Angel: “You two, this is not the time. This is a crisis! We have to find RB’s manuscript. Quickly!”

Demon: “Wait… You’re going to help me?”

Randy: “Of course. Angel’s not a selfish evil bastard like you are.”

Demon: “I’m going to slap you so hard-”

Angel: “Cut it out! This is about RB! Now Demon, where’s the last place you had it?”


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