Misplaced Manuscript + Munchies = Madness

Angel: “I didn’t find the manuscript in the trash.”

Demon: “It’s not in RB’s room.”

Randy: “I didn’t find it in the kitchen…”

Demon: “Is that barbecue sauce on your chin?”

Randy: “Huh?” Wipes it off and licks his fingers, “So it is!”

Demon: “Did you even look asshole?”

Randy: “I did.”

Demon: “Where? In the refrigerator?”

Randy: “That was one of the places.”

Demon: “And did you happen to search before or after you decided to stuff your damn face?”

Randy:  “I don’t think I like what you’re implying.”

Demon: “Then forget the implying and let’s go straight to the ass kicking.”

Randy: “Help!”

Angel: “Demon, stop!”

Demon: “Oh, hell no! This bitch is eating while my ass is on the line. If RB’s going to kill me, I might as well kill Randy first.”

Randy: “Help! Help!”

Angel: “No! Stop! Not the fireball!


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