Manuscript on Ice

Angel: “Both of you calm down! We’ll never find RB’s manuscript if you two are at each other’s throat.”

Randy: “Yes, yes! Angel’s right. Killing me solves nothing.”

Demon: “Oh, but it does. It solves the pain in my ass.”

Angel: “Demon, focus. Where haven’t we looked?”

Randy: “The freezer!”

Angel: *sigh* “I see the manuscript isn’t the only thing missing.”

Demon: “Why the hell would I put it in the freeze, Randy?”

Randy: “I don’t know. Stop getting mad at me just because you screwed up. I’m just trying to help.”

Demon: “And pissing me off in the process. You’re not even helping seriously.”

Randy: “Why should I when you keep bullying me and hurting my feelings? I hope RB utterly destroys you.”

Demon: “Oh, that’s it-“

Angel: “BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP! The manuscript is more important than your childish feelings, Randy. So if you don’t start helping seriously I promise you won’t like me. And Demon, if you don’t get serious and find that manuscript, you’ll face RB alone. I. WILL. NOT. HELP.

Randy: “Whoa…scary…”

Demon: “Fine. Fine. I’ll go check the freezer.”



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