Mystery of the Vanishing Manuscript

Rb: “Demon, what did you do?”

Demon: “Absolutely nothing. I’m innocent.”

Rb: “Innocent of what?”

Demon: “Whatever they’re accusing me of, I’m innocent.”

Rb: “Angel?”

Angel: “Demon lost your manuscript.”

Demon: “Innocent, I tell you!”

Randy: “And we were trying to help him find it.”

Demon: “Randy did it!”

Randy: “What?!? Liar!”

Rb: “Oh! Wait. No, Demon, you didn’t lose it. I sent it off to some beta readers for review. Plus, I have it backed up on my computer. So you didn’t lose anything.”

Demon: “What the hell! I was sweating bullet’s for nothing?”

Rb: “Yep.”

Angel: “That’s great. We can all rest easy now.”

Randy: “Darn, I was hoping Demon was in trouble.”

Demon: “Randy, you know that ass kicking I put on hold?”

Randy: “Yeah?”

Angel: “Run, Randy, RUN!”



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