Random Information: Beta Readers

Randy: “Hello everyone! Random Ness here! Your friendly neighborhood source of random information. Today, in the spirit of RB allowing beta readers to read her manuscript, I’m going to explain about beta reading and the need for readers.”

Angel: “This is exciting.”

Demon: “Yawn. Wake me when it’s over.”

Randy: “First, let me explain to you what a beta reader is-”

Demon: “Someone who reads crappy work before it’s a finish product. They let the writer know how bad the story sucks.”

Angel: “Demon!”

Demon: “What?”

Randy: “To be more tactful and precise, a beta reader is your second and third pair of eyes. Unlike a copy editor who works to correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, a beta reader helps to focus on the story on the level of a reader. They can tell you if your story makes sense and if there are inconsistencies you might have missed. They give valuable insight from the prospective of your audience.”

Angel: “In other words they help writers become better storytellers if the criticism is constructive.”

Randy: “Exactly!”

Demon: “Hell, I like my explanation better.”

Randy: “Now I want to help you choose a beta reader.”

Demon: “Don’t want one. Don’t need one.”

Angel: “This isn’t for you, Demon. This information is for people who care.”

Randy: “Book clubs, writing groups, and avid readers are great sources of beta readers. Especially people in your genre or specialization who are used to reading books and reviewing know what to looking for.”

Demon: “Or just send the book to me. I’ll tell you what I hate.”

Angel: “Writers want honest feedback that’s not destructive.”

Demon: “Boring.”

Randy: “Some professional reviewers even offer to beta read your book and send you written feedback for a small fee. This is a great opportunity for authors who want to know if their work is worthy before submitting it to an agent or-”

Demon: “Is ripped to shreds by a merciless public that is hellbent on spitting down the throat of your shitty work. Muwahahahahaha!!!!

Angel: “Demon, that’s rude!”

Randy: “And disgusting…”


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