Fill in the Blank…

Randy: “Once upon at time in _______…”

Demon: “The Atlantic Ocean.”

Angel: “The middle of the ocean?”

Demon: “You snooze you lose.”

Randy: “There once lived a ________…”

Angel: “A mermaid!”

Demon: “Damn.”

Randy: “Who loved _________…”

Demon: “To eat whale blubber.”

Angel: “Eeewwww, gross.”

Randy: “One day, the mermaid found a _________…”

Angel: “Seashell!”

Demon: “Can’t you be a little more original?”

Angel: “Give an answer before me and you can be as original at you want.”

Rb: “What are you guys doing?”

Randy: “A mad lib ad-lib improvisational exercise to spark our creative thinking.”

Angel: “Demon and I are competing to give the answers and finish the story.”

Demon: “By the way, Angel’s answers suck.”

Randy: “So far we’ve got,” Clears his throat, “Once upon a time in the Atlantic Ocean, there once lived a mermaid who loved to eat whale blubber. One day the mermaid found a seashell…

Rb: “Cool, can I play?”

Randy: “Sure. Okay, get ready…the mermaid found a seashell that _________….”

Rb: “Teleported her to the middle of a freshwater lake. Unfortunately, for the mermaid, she was a saltwater creature and became instantly sick from the new environment. Fishermen from the lakeshore saw her and-”

Randy: “Wait-”

Demon: “What the hell, RB?”

Rb: “What?”

Angel: “Randy, maybe you should go over the rules for RB.”



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