Fill in the Blank… Again

Rb: “Got it. Finish the sentence with a word or short phrase. I can do that.”

Randy: “Good. Let’s start over.”

Demon: “And if you screw up again I’m kicking your ass.”

Rb: “You wish. Bring it.”

Randy: “Once upon a time _____…”

Rb: “On the planet Scar.”

Randy: “There lived a ______…”

Angel: “Butter-”

Demon: “One-eyed one-horned flying angel.”

Angel: “Huh?”

Randy: “Who loved to eat ______…”

Angel: “Marshmall-”

Demon: “Human flesh.”

Angel: “Demon! I had that answer!”

Demon: “You didn’t finish. Victory goes to the-”

Randy: “One day the angel found a ______…”

Rb: “Seismic shotgun.”

Angel: “Angels don’t do shotguns!”

Randy: “That ______…”

Rb: “Obliterated demon scum.”

Demon: “Oh it’s on!”

Randy: “With the shotgun in hand, the angel ________…”

Demon: “Went to-”

Rb: ”Kicked down Demon’s door and blew him back to Hell. The End.”

Demon: “What the hell!?”

Angel: “Yep, that’s where you went, Demon.”

Randy: “Ooo Busted.”

Rb: “Look at the time… Back to work.”

Demon: “I call foul!!


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