Tweaking… Standby….

Demon: “Hey RB!”

Angel: “Ssssshhhhh!!!”

Demon: “Who the hell are you shushing? I WILL NOT BE SHUSHED!”

Angel: “RB is working. Keep it down.”

Demon: “What? I thought she was finished?”

Angel: “Some things didn’t sit well with the beta readers she submitted her manuscript to so RB’s fixing it.”

Demon: “Well I ain’t putting my plans on hold for slow people. If an agents wants to read her manuscript before RB’s done, I’m submitting it as is.”

Angel: “Agents might like it better once RB makes the corrections.”

Demon: “Hmmm, fine. But she better hurry, dammit!”

Angel: “It will take as long as it takes.”


Work In Progress


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