Who are you talking to…?

Computer: “Conspiring with a Demon, placating a Random idiot, and sympathizing with an Angel?”

Rb: “Don’t forget Procrastination and the Biographer.”

Computer: “Processing… Scanning memory… Yes, how could I forget the least of these. RB I worry about your sanity.”

Rb: “I’m good.”

Computer: “Good…?”

Rb: “I talk to you don’t I?”

Computer: “Yes, the only rational being in the group.”

Rb: “Ah… Right, next chapter.”

Computer: “What was that pause?”

Rb: “What pause?”

Randy: “RB, who are you talking to in there?”

Rb: “My computer.”

Randy: “Oh, okay… Demon, I think RB finally lost her mind.”

Demon: “Of course she did the day she created you.”

Randy: “Hey!”

Computer: “Even your imaginary friends believe you’re teetering on the edge.”

Rb: *Sigh* “You know I can just start on the next chapter on one of my other laptops-”

Computer: “Auto-saving… Initializing next chapter edit…”



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