Access Denied

Angel: “Randy, where are we going? Why are you pulling me?”

Randy: “So you can witness Demon’s crime.”

Angel: “Crime… Oh, no, what is that delinquent doing?”

Randy: “Breaking into RB’s computer.”

Angel: “What?! Demon!!

Demon: “Randy, you damn snitch!”

Angel: “Demon?! Why are you trying to break into RB’s computer?”

Demon: “To peek at the changes RB made on her manuscript… But for some reason I can’t get into the damn file.”

Randy: “Are they encrypted?”

Angel: “Randy, you’re not helping.”

Demon: “Encrypted? Not sure? It’s weird… every time I think I have it figured I get-”

Computer: “Access Denied.”

Randy: “Whoa!! RB has a security system on her computer. AWESOME!!”

Demon: “It’s never done that before.”

Angel: “New software?”

Randy: “Pretty high-tech.”

Demon: “I knew RB was a damn geek, but this is bullshi-”

Computer: “I said Access Denied. How many times must I tell you that before it computes? I’m so tired of dealing with out-of-date beings with limited processing power.”

Angel & Demon: “………….”

Randy: “Whoa…. An A.I.? SOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!”


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