Talking Computers?

Angel: “RB!”

Demon: “……..”

Randy: “I love it! Talking computers ROCK!!!”

Angel: “RB!!!

Computer: “RB, has left the premisses, please lower your volume.”

Demon: “………”

Randy: “So what all can you do, A.I.? Show me. Show me!

Computer: “I’m sorry, but I don’t entertain inferior beings.”

Randy: “Another rude one…”

Angel: “I can’t believe RB created yet another imaginary character.”

Computer: “Of course not. Inferior beings have limited processing power.”

Angel: “Excuse me? I’ll have you know, I was around before computers were even a thought.”

Computer: “That only proves you are out-of-date, not superior.”

Angel: “Oh, I see. You are rude.”

Demon: “……..”

Randy: “I can’t believe we’re being insulted by a bunch of circuits.”

Computer: “Believe it.”

Randy: “Well, Demon. What do you have to say? You’d usually be the first to cuss at the thing. You’re awfully quiet?”

Angel: “Demon, quiet?”

Computer: “Maybe one of you has a byte of intelligence.”

Demon: “……..WHAT. THE. HELL….”


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