Artificial Intellegence or Imaginary Character?

Demon: “RB, why the hell did you create yet another imaginary character?”

Rb: “Sometimes my imagination runs away from me?”

Computer: “I would prefer to be classified as an artificial intelligence instead of an imaginary character.”

Demon: “And people in Hell want ice water, but Hell ain’t a democracy and I don’t give a damn.”

Randy: “You tell ’em, Demon.”

Demon: “Shut the hell up, Randy. So, RB, what do I have to do to get you to erase this condescending asshole?”

Computer: “Comparing inferior minds with superior software is hardly considered condescending. However, if it makes your small ego feel adequate, call me what you wish. A.I.’s transcend ignorant name-calling.”

Randy: “Yes, but does your hardware transcend water on your motherboard?”

Demon: “Test it.”

Computer: “Critical Alert: Eeek!

Rb: “Hey, no water on my computer!!



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