Deep Cover Edits

Computer: “RB, you have an incoming transmission.”

RB: “From?”

Computer: “Kerri, with Deep Cover Edits. It’s in regards to your manuscript you submitted for evaluation. Her response to your query is attached.”

RB: “….”

Computer: “Would you like me to read it for you?”

RB: “No! No. What if it’s bad? I don’t want you reading bad news aloud just in case you know who is around?”

Computer: “Scanning… Error… You know who does not come up in my database. I need more info.”

Demon: “She’s talking about me you shitty computer.”

Computer: “Ah, no wonder you didn’t come up in my memory banks, insignificant data does not compute.”

Demon: “I got your insignificant-”

RB: “Computer, print the email.”

Computer: “Printing…”

RB beings to read the email. Demon reads it over her shoulder.

Demon: “Shit, that ain’t worth goading you about. I want something more scathing. I wanna see you cry.”

RB: “Demon, kiss my-”

Computer: “RB, shall I send a thank you email to Kerri?”

RB: “Yes! Tell her thank you for the wonderful advice. I think this will really help me with what I’m planning to do. Also, post the website for anyone interested in beta reading services. She also provides editing.”

Computer: “Posting it now: Deep Cover Edits.”


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