Not Needed

Computer: “Checking grammar…”

Demon: “So when do I get the final manuscript?”

Rb: “It will be a little longer than I thought… maybe.”

Demon: “Maybe? What the hell does that mean?”

Computer: “RB, please correct the following known errors.”

Demon: “Hey, you uppity computer, don’t interrupt me while I’m talking to RB.”

Computer: “Correction: You interrupted RB and I while we were working. If you have nothing vital to add to our work, please move aside.”

Demon: “Our work? When the hell did you have a stake in this?”

Computer: “I’ll admit that RB has done the grueling work, however, she needs my internet capabilities for research and my computing processes for typing, saving, and storage. What does she need from you other than menial input?”

Demon: “You son of a bitch!”

Computer: “Error: To be a son I would have to be born male, and seeing as I’m genderless makes you… an imbecile?”

Rb: “No, Demon! Put down the bat.”

Demon: “I want it dead!”

Rb: “And I need it for my work, so you leave!”

Demon: “It needs to die!!

Rb: “Get out!

Computer: “Buh bye!”


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