Born to be Bad

Rb: “Get out!” Slams the door.

Demon: “Damn you!! I will not be ignored!”

Angel: “Demon, what have you done now?”

Demon: “What makes you think I’ve done anything?”

Angel: “You’re always doing… something.”

Demon: “You can’t blame me for my nature. I was born bad!”

Angel: “You were born an angel who chose to be bad.”

Demon: “Bygones. Speaking of angels, my favorite winged adversary, don’t you want to convince RB to pay me some attention? I’m being neglected for that snobby Computer.”

Angel: “RB has to work with Computer in order to get the book finished. Be patient like I’m doing.”

Demon: “Patient? I don’t do patient. I do smashing computers!”

Angel: “Or you could go play with Randy outside?”

Demon: “Don’t tell me… Is he playing in traffic again?”

Angel: “Sadly, yes.”

Demon: “I just found something to occupy my time… Where are RB’s car keys?

Angel: “What have I done? Demon, NO!




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