Kate Policani: Author Services

Rb: “….hmmmm….”

Randy: “RB, what are you reading?”

Computer: “A new beta review from Kate Policani who offers some author services. I found the review extremely informative and detailed.”

Randy: “Informative and detailed! I like informative and detailed. Almost as much as I like sticky buns and lollipops!! Oh and puppies! And tacos!”

Computer: “Keep a measurable 5 foot proximity away from me. My circuits do not respond well to idiocy.”

Randy: “…? What do you mean?”

Rb: *sigh* “Yeah, this is definitely my most detailed feedback yet. And proves I still need to work on certain elements in the story. However, it does help me with a crucial decision I’ve been weighing.”

Randy: “And what’s that?”

Rb: “I’ll tell you later. Computer, let Ms. Policani know that I am extremely grateful for the feedback and I will keep in touch.”

Computer: “Done. Anything else.”

Rb: “Yes, post her link for anyone who is interested in her services.”

Computer: “Processing… http://katepolicani.com/author-profile/author-services/



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